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Related article: Date: Fri, 23 Sep 2011 13:07:24 -0700 (PDT) From: Jon D Subject: After the Kiss - 4Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction and as such is a product of my imagination, not real life. It will include descriptions of sexual situations between young friends, but no real boy's were involved.If material of this kind offends you or you are not age eighteen or older, then please stop reading Nifty and find some other site. All others please enjoy! You are welcome to send comments or story ideas to Playbuddy123yahoo.com After the KissChapter 4The sky grew darker with each passing minute. Hunter looked up just as the rain started to fall. He had been standing in line with a dozen or so other kids waiting for the pool to open."Maybe it'll just blow over," he said to the kid next to him."I don't think so." The kid frowned when the rain started to come down harder.A couple of girls squealed and put their swim towels over their heads.There was a clunk, the lock was thrown back, and the pool door slowly rolled up. The kids pushed forward to get inside."Sorry, we're going to be closed all morning," Ana announced from behind the ticket counter.A groan of disappointment filled the room."So what are we supposed to do?" a kid whined.Ana shrugged, "I don't know. Anybody need to call home?"A few hands went up; Ana pointed to the staff phone hanging on the wall. A few kids got in line while others dug out their cell phones.Hunter leaned against the railing that separated the girl's side of the entrance from the boy's and stared out at the downpour. There was a crack of thunder and a streak of lightning. It was starting to get ugly out there."Crap!" Devon muttered as he came around the corner of the building and hurried inside. Hunter smiled when Devon leaned over and shook his hair like a drenched puppy. Water flew everywhere. The boy's jeans were totally soaked and his T-Shirt clung to his chest."Well, you were planning on getting wet today anyway, right?" Hunter teased.Devon looked up, "Yeah, but not with my clothes on." He frowned.Hunter pulled his towel out from his pack. It was still reasonably dry. "Here. Seems like we're always giving each other towels," and gently tossed it to Devon."Thanks. I guess I should have told my mom to wait until they opened up. She's already on her way to work.""Need a ride home? Maybe Jordan would take you.""Yeah, a ride would be great. Will you ask him for me?""What's it worth to you?" Hunter asked with a grin, always the eager banker.Devon reached into his pocket and pulled out a measly three quarters.* * * *Hunter gave his brother a curious look as he and Devon crawled into the back seat of Jordan's truck. It was a crew cab, so there was plenty of room. Jordan and Ana settled into the front and reached for their seatbelts.While they had waited for the rain to stop, Jordan had tossed Devon's clothes in the dryer the staff used for towels. Devon had sat cross-legged on the cot in the first aid room in his boxers playing a card game with Hunter. Jordan had made Devon call his mother to make sure it was all right for him to be home alone before he'd agreed to give him a ride."Mom said it was okay," Devon had reported. "And besides, our neighbor lady checks on me when mom isn't home."Pulling his door shut, Jordan glanced into the back of the truck to see how the boys were doing with their belts. Hunter eyed Ana, and then gave his brother a look that basically asked, "What's up with that?"Jordan winked.Hunter knew t
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